What’s the Best Way to Make an Extra $20,000 a Month?


Well the best way to make an extra $20,000 a month is to win the lottery and have monthly payouts! But that’s pretty hard to do.

Another great way of making  $20,000 a month is to invest in oil field with a group of investors that strikes oil while having a big company minute and sell it for you. Or maybe future tech may make oil usage extinct.

A third right way is to get a trade system you can trade in under five minutes a night, If that.  Then have that trading system net out profits  in a consistent way overtime. As your account grows so will your position sizes and then eventually $20,000 a month could seem like cake!

Now of course we can’t guarantee you any future returns in trading– you know how that works…  past results are not necessarily indicative of future results… that said, our best bet on future returns is to trade a trading system that has  performed solidly, consistently in the past, over time.

When we can base a trading system off of fundamentals of price action, which are based off of natural laws of price movement, then we stand a good, high probability chance of potential profits in the future.  And in fact, we develop our options trading systems with this intent in mind.

For clarity: the intent is to develop and options trading system that can met out profit over time, on purpose, Because our options trading system are built upon fundamentals of price action they can be stable to a high degree of probability into the future. And fundamentals of price action are tied into “human nature”. They don’t change.

So if we have these potentially very solid options trading systems that have the potential to net out profit overtime then we consider it wise to consistently employ such systems.  And if we can consistently employ such systems over time then we can compound returns over time with a proper money management system.

How we could make an extra $20,000 a month could come through a consistent application of a solid trading system that continues to perform.

$20,000 a month could be an average return spread out over many months performance with a consistent position size. Or you could use compounding money management that, with a consistent system’s performance, can leverage out a far greater return than $20,000 a month in time)

And of course the figure of $20,000 a month will be relative to the size of trading account and position size use. Please study our trading systems performance records and reverse engineer the performance math starting with one contract of options, then 10 contracts of options, then 20 contracts of options, then 50 contracts of options and then 100 contracts of options.  Once you start to see how the math works in dealing with performance records and position sizes needed and you’ll get clarity on what you need to do.

So if you’re interested in pursuing this $20,000 a month through trading 5 minutes a night or so then check out our products page here.




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