Swing Trading Options for Amplified Cash Returns

Discover the Thrills of Accelerated Options Swing Trade Positions Using Strategically Timed Options Trades for Large Cash Returns


Swing trading is the Bedrock of all price movement on a price chart. We looked up trade price charts because price charts gives us entries and exits at exact points, how to make money, potentially a lot of it!

In fact when you develop a swing trading method that is repeatable over and over you can put yourself in position to compound profits over time. And when you use options your compounding when properly done, can be astronomical.

There are many different ways to use options and swing Trading. Most powerful ways the most simple way. Buy calls. Buy puts. Buy calls right as the swing is triggering upward. Buy puts right as the swing is triggering downward.

You see, the is that when you use options in your swing trading instead of just stocks, an average five-point move $100 stock roughly is 5%. If you use options instead, how far out in time you buy the option, hat making 100% – 200% on your position.

Plus buying options require so much less capital. Whereas for a thousand shares you have to put up $100,000 or $50,000 on margin for buying the stock you may have to put up anywhere between $1,000 $4,000 depending on how much time to expiration.

Additionally when you buy options your maximum risk is to whatever amount of money you put in. If you buy a stock it 100 and you don’t put a stop loss in but that stock could theoretically right all the way down to zero causing $100,000 loss. Whereas if you bought an option at $2,000 and they stock win against you your maximum watts would only be $2,000

So using the maximum risk profile in common a leverage when buying an option you could develop a math formula that really gives you a great advantage over trading stock.

So you can start to get a picture on how much more money you can make by trading options.

When smartly tuned in to an option swing trading system and while optimizing money management position sizing according to the average winning of that system, rough patch periods and other factors, you could optimize a best fit position size to help you maximize the potential future returns. And when you trade a methodical system over time the ability to compound profits common the with a properly optimize system with properly optimize money management position sizing, absolutely mind-blowing.

  • Discover the opportunities of trading options with price swings.
  • Learn about how much money you can make by trading options on stocks through swing Trading.
  • Discover other huge opportunities for swing trading such as micro swing Trading.
  • Learn about swing trading with options strategies such as credit spreads and covered calls… For great new ways of potential profit.
  • Discover how to swing trade strategically for optimal price events so you can trade with more aggressive positions.
    Find out how to take a small amount of money and grow a very large account strategically and wisely.

Finally you have a way of making, bean and then compound to keep overtime. And as your account grows so does your position sizing. Really is a fantastic way to make a living. Yes opening a “trading business” (and we favor thinking in terms of trading as a business) can be the best business opportunity on the planet!



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