SwingDNA: EXCALIBUR4 Options Swing Trading Strategy – System

High Precision Swing Trading Strategy for Potential Dramatic Profits

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Note Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. So don’t let 100% winning go to your head.  That said, this is a designed to be a high precision strategy!

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Performance for SwingDNA: EXCALIBUR4 Options Swing Trading Strategy – System:

  • You can see a performance example below
  • All trades that were available were taken, none skipped therefore making this a system as well but a stand alone strategy that is very powerful
  • Notice on GOOGL  there are no losses. There were no trades skipped so that is correct.
  • Points rounded down.  Approximate options points includes premium decay factors.
  • Combine EXCALIBUR4 with other Swing DNA strategies for amplified results




43 Jun 2016
1 Dec 2016 end.
250 Stock points
110.00 Options Points
 $          110,000.00
 $          550,000.00
 $       1,100,000.00


What is Swing DNA: EXCALIBUR4 Options Swing Trading Strategy?

  • This is a home study video course that teaches you a skill for life
  • Will you have 100%?  Maybe. Probably not except for some good runs but our performance sample above which was a random, recent at the time run was certainly impressive.
  • This is a skill for life you can gain.   Once you understand it use it you’ll “own it” and will be able to do on commands.
  • The price action mechanism learned will have broad applications over many different instruments and many different time frames of trading such as day trading, micro swing trading and more….
  • This certainly is a must have method of trading to know!


$2997 Special Introductory Price $1297