Swing DNA:  COR Strategy

Fantastic new options trading strategy cracked from the Swing DNA discovery that has Unleashed way of high precision trading from thin air…


Become a genius in front of your friends by just staring at a price chart!

What does this mean?  This means you will understand THE SWING and you’ll be able to just look at a price chart, with no indicators, and simply trade.

 “look ma no hands…”

Think about it: you’ll blow your friends and families mind.  All you do is look at a price chart for few seconds and you will be able to spot a highly probable potential money making trade (see the results below for what that could like like).

Now having the correct code of the DNA of Swing trading you have the understanding in order to trade this strategy. You won’t want to miss out on this strategy while it’s at the special pricing. It will likely not last long.

Yes that’s right you can see from the performance results below that this works pretty well!

This strategy is actually new development that was discovered while making the Swing DNA course.

Swing DNA:  COR Options Swing Trading Strategy Performance:

  • Here are a set of results taken all in a row. You can see from the simple 5 month performance sample that this method is really solid and really good
  • We look to use this tragedy with shorter-term off optimized for the coordination of a swing to minimal time to decay.
  • Our average duration of trade is usually three to five days, grab the cash prophets and run!
  • You can trade the strategy across all stocks with options so if you see a hot opportunity that has all the more energy then you can simply apply this tragic and be ready to capture profits before they happen
  • This is a really brilliant method. It is going to make you feel like a genius my learning it and trading it.
  • Profit from learning the math secrets of the universe
13 15-Aug 0.21 15-Aug
66 5
4 0.4
24 0.2
23   5 Months Results 10.13
21.05 3.86
51 -0.65
-6.22 -1.33
20 4.94
17 0.65
-3.21 -0.48 Stop Jan 1 2016
18 Stop Jan 1 2016 2.04
247.62 Stock points 24.97 Stock points
108.95 Options Points 10.99 Options Points
 $    108,952.80  10 Contracts  $   10,986.80   10 Contracts
 $    544,764.00   50 Contracts  $   54,934.00   50 Contracts
 $1,089,528.00   100 Contracts  $ 109,868.00   100 Contracts


What is SwingDNA Cor?

  • It’s a swing trading Strategy / System
  • It’s a home study course video course that will teach you this skill that you can use for life
  • It’s a method of swing trading that you can also use in day trading or micro swing trading.
  • It’s a mini super power to have the ability to trade this way
  • It’s another must have system brought to your by SlingShotOptions.com and OptionsTradingAUTHORITY.com


$1997 Special Introductory Price $697