Swing DNA:  BOXER2 Options Trading Strategy for Incredible Accuracy

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Secrets of the Swing…  Rock Solid Swing Trading Strategy Swing DNA:  BOXER2 Options Trading Strategy

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Performance example:

  • All trades in the sampling period were run in a row without skipping any BOXER2 trades
  • Approximate Options profits include premium decay in factoring.  Results based on stock points.
  • Yes this strategy can be quite accurate as you can see below.


6.79 Jan –16 7.21 Jan –16 7.06 Mar –16
5.46 18.46 12.25
20.46 3.84 Apr — 16 5.33
9.87 29.51 Stock points 5.02
9.08 16.23 Options Points 1.8
24.6  $               16,230.50 2.1
0.56  $               81,152.50 -1.98
33.6  $             162,305.00 0.54
14.34 2.76
-5.3 4.12
17.57 Sep — 16 -1.77
137.03 Stock points 5.43 Jan –17
75.37 Options Points 42.66 Stock points
 $        75,366.50 23.46 Options Points
 $      376,832.50  $             23,463.00
 $      753,665.00  $          117,315.00
 $          234,630.00


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