SlingShot3.3 Options Trading Signals Provides a Powerful New Way to Take Advantage of Options on Stocks by Being Spoonfed the Entries , Stops and Profit Taking Exits Before the Markets the Next day…

“Fast Cash Grabbing Short Term Options Trading for Quick, Potentially Dramatic Returns!”

SlingShot Options Outlandish New Style of Options Swing Trading, We Call ‘Sling Trading’ Pushes Options Trading to The Edge, Pulling Extreme Potential Profits on Short Term, High Delta, Cheaper Options with a High Winning Percentage…

Who Says You Can’t Trade Options With Less Than 30 Days Till Expiration!!

We’ve upgraded the 3.0 system for the sake of providing a bit more frequency in signals.

Looking for a little help in your options trading?

Just purchased the SlingShot3.0 System and don’t know where to start?

We are going to actually give you the
SlingShot3.0 Systems trades in real time!  We do the work
and allow you access to the SlingShot3.0 secrets for a trivial
monthly fee.

I want you to carefully examine the contents on this page

SlingShot3.3 Signals

before you hastily join.  We only accept long term members
and we do not accept tire kickers.  You must stick with
the program over the long term to have a chance of success.

We do not want you joining on an emotional decision which
will take you right into a slow time in the markets then
become further emotional, quitting, and then missing out
on the next series of big swing moves.  If we catch
you doing this you will be banned from all of our services
for good.

We do this out of our experience in running signal
services watching those who succeed vs. those who screw it up.
We want you to be successful and we want only successful students.
So think carefully.  Are you willing to treat this seriously
as a real investment, starting a real new business?  If so
you can join and we’ll be happy to work with you and help
turn you into a very successful options trading machine!



Options Signal Service:

  • You don’t have to watch the markets all day!
  • We use contingent orders, that modern trading technology miracle that lets us enter or exit exactly where we want to on a stock.  So we can enter perfectly into our options, at the right time and price according to price triggers on the stock!  It’s awesome compared to the ‘good ol’ days’ where we’d have to watch the stock all day long  just to enter (plus it was much easier to blow a stop!)
  • Depending on the systems signals, email updates will come usually 2 to 5 times a week.  If signals are active then we look to send updates more often
  • Signals come via email that you’ll use when you register for the service.
  • Signal pricing will be based a percentage of systems results profits of the prior 12 month sampling as you’ll see below. Track records are updated every six months.
  • Signals are considered to be run continually as a group with proper options money management.  To trade a system well, one must take every trade the system provides with the same small percentage sized position in order to achieve the maximal potential system results.
  • Focusing on one or two stocks is ok to do but best performance comes with sticking to that one or both stocks, taking all the trades and not picking and choosing.  Picking and choosing will usually lead to dramatically diminished performance.

Who is this options trading service for?

This options trading service is for those who want to start trading as a business. In business you must execute the business system. You must do the right things because mistakes become cost. There are costs and profits. The key is for you to keep your costs low and your profits high.

You have to understand that winning percentages range between 80% to 90% winning. This means you will have have some losers. Up to half your trades could be losers on a particular time. We may have streaks of trades that seem to never lose… then we may have to re-, four, five… losing trades in a row every now and then.

You need to be able to understand that that’s how trading works in the bottom line trading to be successful is for you to net out profits. Because those who look to be perfect all the time lose in trading or they certainly don’t make much in their trading.

I just want you to have the correct expectations before going in to this service. This service is not about being perfect or winning every time. It is about NETTING out profits, considerable profits that allow us to do many great things in life. And the best way of doing that in trading is to trade a system like you would operate a business: do the deals, keep your costs low and keep your margins as high as possible!

How tradable is the system?

Every signal we provide has a next day entrance. If we want extra opportunities in real time we may send out a real-time signal that is an extra bonus. All core system trades are set for the next day entry.

Some trades will be out of the park home runs. Some will be fair profits. Some will be little ‘niblets’ of profit. Some will just be cost and lose. You just can’t get your hopes up too high for every trade or down too low for every loss. But at the end of the day we stand a good probability chance that we are in a net out profits over time.

The great part about the system is that you can set your orders at night or right before the market open


a. We like to pair types for maximum flexibility and a range in options prices: Fast High Priced Options (150 +) , Medium Speed High Price Options (70 to 150) and a Medium Speed / Medium Priced Movers (usually 30 to 70 priced stock.) all for the sake of maximizing returns

b. We can switch stocks within a group if we feel the life has been drained out of the stocks on the short or long term. But we will try to stay with the same stocks as much as possible.


a. We look to send updates after the market is closed. And most times would be able to set the order at night for the next day’s open. Understand that you will not receive an update every day for it is not necessary. Additionally we are not going to blabber, wax theoretical or clog your e-mail box with a lot of commentary all of which means very little to the execution of the slingshot options ratings system.

b. We are going to send you the trade set up according to the slingshot off system. We will include an entry point and a stop loss. Sometimes you may not receive any trade for over a week!

c. Once the trade is entered we will follow that trade for maximum profit taking. We will look to take profits through our profit maximization system although if you do the deal you can feel free to take profits at any time! We’ll look to e-mail you the trailing stop loss or a profit target as stock signals to us

d. We used advanced options orders called “contingent orders”. Now you can trade our system without the use of contingent orders. But contingent orders make trading so much easier and so much more accurate. If you’re options broker doesn’t have contingent orders you may want to think of an account at one that does provide contingent orders.

e. Our e-mail alerts will be short and text based so you can easily receive them on your cell phone


a. We must use real stop losses. The easy way to set an accurate stoploss will be to use the contingent order for stoploss on our options position.

b. We will use trailing stop losses to help lock in profits

c. And sometimes will use limit orders to take maximum profits.


a. Sometimes the slingshot momentum carries the stock into a gap the next day and We Will take gap trades unless the gap is extraordinary large (i.e. the time gaps you usually see after earnings announcements.)


a. The Signals can be frequent sometimes. And sometimes they take up too 2 even three weeks before writing a good swing or if the stock is locked sideways

b. Some signals may not trigger and that’s fine and good but most of our signals do. So keep in mind sometimes will put out a trade and the trade never triggers! That’s fine

c. Sometimes we will need to quickly reverse position directions and you need to be aware that

6. Money Management – the way the trade options with slingshot options

a. Use small amounts, “even bets” per trade. When in doubt trade smaller! This is for your own profitability sake.

b. Spread the risk. Divide position sizes into tenths of your portfolio size allocated to trading options if you have a small account. Divide positions in to 5% position sizes or less  if you have a larger account. So for example if you are starting out with a $10,000 account then at 5% risk (which is still pretty high) you would have a maximum options position size of $500. You really can’t cheat or this just won’t work out for you. If you start placing big bets on random trades and the trade doesn’t work out you are going to take a big hit. If you take a big hit, even with a good options trading systems such as slingshot options, you’re likely to make more mistakes. So keep it small and keep your position size the same small percentage every time no matter how big your account grows. (Actually you need to decrease your percentage position sizes to grow bigger).

Check out the track record below.  Past performance does not mean future performance!  Performance could be less or even more depending on marketing volatility (a good thing for us) and price fluidity.

  • Trackrecords are typically updated every six months unless otherwise noted:
  • Signals are based on the SlingShot3.0 system
  • We part of the system stacks trades so when we have the signal we could have more than one position on going in the same direction.  This is done systematically and is built into the system.
  • Signals performance will depend on 2 primary things:  Us calling the signal accurately and an individual who decides to copy our trades placing the orders correctly.  We have not had good experiences with auto trading brokers paying attention or being accurate.  So therefore, the subscriber who wishes to copy our trades will want to mind their trades in 2 to 10 minutes a night. (yes that’s it).  Plus it’s good for you to learn the systematic professional trading process in real time and get a feel for it.

Here are some performance samples:

14.07 2010
19.32 feb
8.91 aug 168.44
8.11 8 L
-0.56 38 T
-0.56 30 W
-2.88 78.95% Winning
4.23 2010 35.36
23.22 -11.32
15.08 31.85
9.64 2.36
9.32 -13.23
9.36 7.21
9.08 -6.32
7.32 -6.89
6.93 26.23
5.91 9.87
4.06 7.33
3.92 29.68
18.33 16.87
7.8 12.23
-9.36 11.76
-7.32 4 L 11.9 4 L
-5 33 T 13.78 34 T
16.21 29 W 21.32 30 W
1.38 87.88% Winning 51.7 88.24% Winning
-18.24 29.68
-4.93 8.32
8.17 9.71
12.32 11.34
6.48 81.77
10.39 82.54
11.46 21.36
4.32 6.71
7.48 3.23
4.88 2.9
5.46 18.56
3.87 11.71
4.21 12.65
3.55 2011 4.6
189.53 14.32 2011
2.45 -3.23
3.85 -2.32
3.66 10.62
-4.01 9.53
-3.87 9.11
-4.32 4.87
0.87 2.09
6.42 -0.88
3.69 4.88 7 L
3.73 -0.88 27 T
9.67 10 L 5.32 20 W
3.87 31 T 0.32 74.07% Winning
-5.21 21 W -2.36
11.18 67.74% Winning -3.55
15.59 2.23
12.67 2.44
-3.68 0.65
-5.22 -2.14
3.89 0.34
3.99 3.18
3.32 3.36
4.12 4.21
-3.42 4.32
4.87 4.03
5.32 3.23
7.11 4.45
7.42 3.54
-7.14 67.36
Running Totals 1088.75
Stock Points 12 Month 1088.75
Options Points 12 Month 479.05
System Profit Based On:
5 Contracts $239,525.00
10 Contracts $479,050.00
20 Contracts $958,100.00
50 Contracts $2,395,250.00
100 Contracts $4,790,500.00


To purchase SlingShot3.0 Options Trading Signals please read the terms below. Performance WILL vary from month to month as it always does in the stock market.  Performance is not guaranteed whatsoever. Study the track record above so you understand the nature of the system and general fluctuations in the stock marketing between slow and fast periods. We do not do refund or prorate of membership fees. What we are offering you are options trading signals for entry, stop loss and profit exit based off of the SlingShot3.0 trading system only.






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