Employ the SlingShot3.0 Systematic Trading Signal Services!

An option signal service is also known as an options newsletter, option alerts, options picks, options trading service and the like.  We provide entries and exits for our system trading based signals as a membership service…


SlingShot3.0 Options Trading Signals & Stock Signals – Light

We’ve released signals a while back. But those were SlingShot1.0 signals. Well now it’s time to upgrade big time to SlingShot3.0 System signals!

  • Simple Signals following the SlingShot3.0 system that you can find on the front page of this site or on our products page.
  • Intention of this signals service is to be a systematic cash flow trading center for the establishment of an extra and compounding cash flow stream.  With proper money management the aim is to keep running the system over time while compounding profits.
  • Options to buy are given.
  • Buy calls.  Buy puts.  That’s what we use for our options strategy.   We look to ride the potential accelerated swing move and get out with profits.
  • All entries and exits given.  Exits known ahead of time.  Trail stop profit taking method given so you always know when to grab your profits!
  • Stop loss points are given that can be set with contingent orders.  We show you another way to get around dealing with stop losses in the members area.
  • The Light version is great for most people.  It gives focus.  It’s keeps a person on a plan.  This is for ONE stock with options.
  • Having this “Light” membership gives you access to upgrade to PRO or ULTRA SlingShot3.0 signals
  • Yes you can use this as a stock signals service too!  The data needed to make the stock trades are given.
  • But those who want more signals and more opportunity can upgrade to PRO and ULTRA.
  • Initial Stops and Profit Taking given

Purchase:  SlingShot3.0 Signals on 1 Stock  $97/mo



SlingShot3.0 Options Trading Signals & Stock Signals – PRO

  • All of what’s included in the Light signals package
  • More Signals:  Options Signals & Stock Signals on 3 Stocks Running the SS3.0 System.
  • More opportunities for profit.
  • More action.
  • An Active Light subscription is required.
  • We use 3 stocks of different price ranges and different options price ranges for doability for most.

Purchase Upgrade: $77/mo extra.- Requires SlingShot3.0 Signals Light Subscription



SlingShot3.0 Options Trading Signals & Stock Signals – ULTRA

  • Options Signals on 5 Stocks Running the SS3.0 System
  • PLUS Optimized Low Hanging Fruit Opportunities from Hot Stocks to Be Played with Options
  • An Active Light & PRO subscription is required

Purchase Upgrade: $67/mo extra.- Requires SlingShot3.0 Signals – Light & PRO



Each signal service is designed for the long term.  Study the track records of each carefully and decide if this is something for you.  Do not join a membership unless you committed to execute all of the signals exactly and correctly for at least one year!  These signals are designed to be executed in a business like fashion with correct money management  (2% to 5% max position sizes and never any bigger).  Maximum potential performance comes from executing ALL of the signals.  Periods of potential profitability will fluctuate with the markets prices flow and you must be emotionally prepared to handle any slow times, times when trades lose.

Performance, your returns are not guaranteed of course.  But we design these systems for ourselves and offer you a chance to participate in selected ones in real time whereas you can follow our signals.

We deign options trading systems for our options trading signals with the intent of standing the test of time and NET out potential profits over time.  We are more concerned with NET Profits over the longer term than wins and losses.  We are more concerned with making, keeping and then growing money from trading as a business and we believe you should be also.

But in order to NET out profits over time we need to stick to the game plan.  If a system is profitable then EVERY signal has its own profit factor.  No one knows what trades will win or lose, or by how much therefore we need to execute ALL of the deals to obtain a potential Net profit as seen on the performance records.

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