SlingShot Options Trading Systems, Strategies and Courses to Help You Excel Immediately in Trading

Additional Options trading Systems to Augment Your Performance.   Learn one well and be able to perform one well before adding another.

Listed below are professional options trading systems, systems that are home study courses that teach you everything you’ll need to know in order to put your self in position for potential excellent long term trading success with potential exceptional returns. These systems are available to you for purchase.

We make no promises on your personal success, because we’re not allowed to do so plus the successful performance of these systems will depend on your execution of these systems.  But… we do make solid stuff!  We designed these systems for our own trading for the bottom line purpose of making money, keeping it and growing it over time from the options market.  We have a lot of systems and are now at the stage where we can let a few of them go so you could possibly share in our success as well.

Below are a collection of several trading systems from our “Trading for a Good Living” philosophy stash.  Click on the logo to follow the link to the respective site where you can find out about each trading system.

Each trading system represents a different style of trading.  We all tend to have a particular style of trading that fits our personality better than another.


Here are Options Trading Systems that compliment SlingShot3.0 options and can be traded in unison to compliment SlingShot.  Just keep your trades separate in different accounts when you get to the point of formally trading a system.



  1. options-trading-systems-slingshotmainSlingShot3.0 Options Trading System  this system is available and has been pounding and stacking out awesome systems results with rapid fire options swing trading trades for YEARS.  An old system that has proven its self for years is better than a new one…Coming Soon on the Rest of These Products…
  2. SlingShot4.0 Options Trading System
  3. SlingShot5.0 Options Trading System
  4. Options 101
  5. How to Trading Options for a Good Living
  6. Options Pitfalls to Avoid for a Long Lasting Options Trading Career: Mechanical, Mental and Emotional
  7. SlingShot3.0 Options Trading System
  8. SlingShot4.0 “Insanity” Options Trading System
  9. SlingShot5.0 Options SELLING System
  10. SlingShot6.0 Credit Spreads Options System
  11. SlingShot7.0 Weekly Options Swing POPS
  12. SlingShot8.0 Weekly Options Micro Swing Bursts
  13. How to Compound Solid Options Trading
  14. Net Worth Building: How to Transition from Cash Flow Building to Net Worth Building with Options
  15. How to Systematically Sell Naked Options for Net Worth Building the Smart Way
  16. RightSide3.0
  17. Options Weekly Paychecks
  18. For many more options trading systems, courses and strategies visit Options Trading AUTHORITY our options hub site


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