SLINGSHOT4.0 Options Trading Signals for Advanced Options Swing Trading & Cash Flow


  • SlingShot3.0 Options Signals Service Required (it’s just they way the setup works plus this way you’re getting quite a discount with this service which we would charge much more if separated out)
  • For SlingShot4.0 we use SlingShot3.0 stocks but add high level trading systems which is the SlingShot4.0 Trading System
  • You get higher powered and more frequent cash grabbing opportunities with these signals.  SlingShot3.0 is picky and doesn’t trade that often.  It’s a great system but it does leave money on the table.  Well with SlingShot4.0 we come in and scrape up extra cash opportunities that SlngShot3.0 and then some more
  • We are using options so we can stack trades in the same direction without a problem.   This just means you buy a couple few more calls or puts.
  • That said, especially when starting out with SlingShot4.0 system we look to keep our trade “bets” small and get a feel for the system when we are looking to trade the system on a personal level. Then as you get the feel for a system  you can optimize a better position sizing to meet the winning percentages and string of draw downs (if there is one).  We do eventually want to have the biggest position sizes possible for maximum overall account growth while keeping the balance allowing for rough patches in price action or just simple human error. In short, we look to start small then gradually build up position sizes for best fit and good comfort level.
  • This is our advanced level service.
  • We’ll add more trades per stocks.
  • We’ll now include the powerful Russell 2000 cash index where trading this is like 1999 all over again!  (remember those days!  wow that was easy!)
  • We’ll now include SPY ETF of the S&P 500 as well.
  • We’ll now include wild card trades:  When we see nice opportunities form on random stocks that become hot we’ll look to include those as a bonus
  • Super simple signal calling.  We’ll give you the means of profit taking a head of time.  Buy calls. Buy puts.
  • What options to buy?  If you’re going more short term understand the cost of more rapid premium decay.  Therefore you may want to go further In the Money if playing very short term.  Otherwise 5 to 8 week options reduce stress and cost of premium decay.   Most moves last 3 to 5 days. Occasionally some swings get really hot and keep going.  Our trail stop methods take care of profit taking.
  • Do you have to watch the markets all day?  Of course not.  You should know better by now.  Get our Options 101 for Swing Trading if you don’t understand how to trade swings with options and contingent orders.
  • How much time do you need to spend per night?   Well our signals comes in “AAPL Buying Calls”.  If you want to copy our trade then just put your contingent order in to the price trigger of the stock we give.   You can put a stock price trigger based stop loss on your option if you want or not right then if your broker allows or the next day for sure after you’re already in.
  • We’re using Clickbank to manage these signals based memberships to make it easer for everyone, especially you.  So you can always manage your subscription through their great customer service meaning that if you ever wish to cancel – well that’s easy to get done. You don’t even have to contact us.


We Decided to Sell this System and Not Run Signals Because the System is More Appropriate for the Professional

$29,997 (not a typo).  Contact us to buy.  The Add to Cart button is there to show we are selling. We accept wires only for this system