SlingShot3.0 Options Trading Signals & Stock Trading Signals! (NEW!) (NOT YET OPEN BUT WILL BE SOON)

Options Signal Services and Even Optimized Hot Strategy Based Opportunities Based on the SlingShot3.0 Trading System

What’s SlingShot3.0 Trading System?

These options trading signals use the SlingShot3.0 Options trading system as their engine.  This means that we use the system to generate the signals and we follow the system looking to send to you a signal each time it is generated per stock with that options positions.

We give entries, stop loss points and exits.  We simplify the signals so you have an exit strategy for profit taking and stop loss before you even enter the trade.  This removes worry of what to do after you’re in the trade.  So now you’ll always know.

Could you make the huge profits you see on the systems performance page with our signals?  That’s what you really want to know isn’t it.  Well here is what will have to happen into the future for you to do so:

  1. The system will do it’s thing trading high velocity swing trading setups.
  2. Performance will depend on the activity level in the stock we are sticking with for the signals.  Now, you don’t have much of a system if one keeps switching stocks.  But there are some occasions where the story of the stock has completely changed and stock price action would slow down so much rendering a stock not usable.  That said, if you want to diversify your stocks for signals you can simply upgrades.
  3. We have to call the system, our own system, accurately and you would need to respond accurately taking all the trades without any emotional guessing, that is, in order to match the performance of the system.
  4. Is there auto trading? Maybe in the future.  But in the past, brokers have been prone to screwing up, missing entries and exits.  If we can confirm a professional enough auto trading service we may although they may charge a fee of their own.
  5. Do we expect to make a lot of money trading our own signals over time?  You bet!  That’s why we’re doing this mostly. By helping you with our trading signals, it helps us be just that much more focused.

For our entries and exits we uses contingent orders.  Why?  Why wouldn’t everybody!  Contingent orders = freedom in options trading.   As your broker but a contingent order is simply an “advanced order” type that simply gets you in or out of the markets with your desired position via price trigger.  We enter and exit off price triggers so it’s great.  You can even set a contingent order to get you out at a certain time, say for example, you want out of your in the money position before close on the Friday of expiration.


  1. How much can I make per month?  
    1. Since the price story changes each month each month will have a different price action and a different set of swings, since we are essentially trading a form of swing trading.
    2. If you want a point average you take 12 months of performance and dived by 12
    3. That will depend on your position sizing.  If you don’t know options get our options 101 course.
    4. Hopefully fortunes over time.   But if y’all are making too much money don’t worry we’ll raise our rates to match.  And then we’ll limit how many people can go into what membership.   We trade in a market place after all and market places have limits.
  2. What do I need to get started with your signals so I can start making money?
    1. You need an options brokerage account that uses contingent orders so you don’t have to watch the market all day and so you can enter accurately via price triggers.
    2. You need to pay attention!  When a signal comes and  you want to imitate our signals, then do not delay.
  3. What are the signals like?  Are they hard to figure out and do?
    1. We’ve made the signals super simple.   It’s like this:   Stock + “Calls”.  Or Stock + “Puts”  That’s it.  But we do give you the detailed parameters that we do every time.  This makes it really simple.  Plus we give you a profit taking mechanism so you don’t have to depend on anyone to take max potential profits, systematically.  We also have rules on what options we buy too.  We also provide position sizing ideas too.
    2. So the more simple we make it, which we have, the more enjoyable it will be to trade.   Because if you needed to try and figure out a bunch of complicated details every time you get a signal… well we find that annoying and no fun.  So we fixed it.
  4. Can I make a million dollars or more from your signals over time?
    1. Maybe!  The potential is there (although we can’t promise you future performance… past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.. performance will vary etc. etc.)

So we have 3 options below.  All prices we set to be reasonable.  We’re using Clickbank to manage since that makes running a membership easy for everyone.  You have control of when you want to cancel through them and do not need to rely on us.  So it’s much easier that way and that should give you more confidence to try our signals.  You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in some subscription you don’t want (although these signals can be highly addictive! 🙂

What’s Inside SlingShot3.0 Options Signals?

  • Options positions provided
  • Entries, “stop loss” points and profit taking exits provided
  • Join or cancel on your own at any time so you have control of your membership at Clickbank (you don’t need to depend on us to cancel)
  • Potential for hoards of compounding profits over time that could help you swell your trading account to ridiculously large levels.  If such a thing occurs or if you break 7 figures for the first time take a break, diffuse any euphoric emotions and get back to being systematic!
  • When running an options trading system we don’t pick and choose which trades we like or don’t.  We show up like a machine and simply execute all signals.
  • We also run a system with a small fraction of our account position size.  As our account grows so does our position size, and vice versa. Over time when we are able to determine our personal winning percentage and draw down cycles with a trading system we can more accurately optimize our position sizing to as big as we can but not too big where we could damage our account during a rough patch of price action.

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SlingShot3.0 Options Trading Signals

We’ve released signals a while back. But those were SlingShot1.0 signals. Well now it’s time to upgrade big time to SlingShot3.0 System signals!

  • Simple Signals following the SlingShot3.0 system that you can find on the front page of this site or on our products page.
  • Intention of this signals service is to be a systematic cash flow trading center for the establishment of an extra and compounding cash flow stream.  With proper money management the aim is to keep running the system over time while compounding profits.
  • Options to buy are given.
  • Buy calls.  Buy puts.  That’s what we use for our options strategy.   We look to ride the potential accelerated swing move and get out with profits.
  • All entries and exits given.  Exits known ahead of time.  Trail stop profit taking method given so you always know when to grab your profits!
  • Stop loss points are given that can be set with contingent orders.  We show you another way to get around dealing with stop losses in the members area.
  • The Light version is great for most people.  It gives focus.  It’s keeps a person on a plan.  This is for ONE stock with options.
  • Having this “Light” membership gives you access to upgrade to PRO or ULTRA SlingShot3.0 signals
  • Yes you can use this as a stock signals service too!  The data needed to make the stock trades are given.
  • But those who want more signals and more opportunity can upgrade to PRO and ULTRA.
  • Initial Stops and Profit Taking given


Purchase: $97/mo extra.- Requires SlingShot3.0 Options Swing Trading Signals Subscription