Micro Swing Trading Strategy SABER7

Discover a new method of determining weekly trends on the micro swing level in order to take advantage trending tendencies for short term options trading.



Adding Micro Swing Trading Strategy SABER7 to your arsenal Will give you great new insight on being able to take advantage the Price action from week to week. There is in most definite Weekly trend scenario and you will be able to read it better after you understand this strategy.

Have a great thing is that we can go inside a price on the Micro swim basis and play these moves with short-term options. We look to take chunks of cash the market on a repeated basis.  Having a solid strategy such as Micro Swing Trading Strategy SABER7 can give you a lot of opportunities will helping you avoid getting sucked into mediocre trades, thereby avoiding a most common pitfall.

With Micro Swing Trading Strategy SABER7 you’ll be able to pinpoint entries based on trends let go from week to week. This is a great skill to have and one that you want. Add this strategy to your arsenal while it’s available.


  • Have a solid dependable approach to micro swing trading which is the swing trading email bars or 30 minute bars or 120 minute bars or 240 minute bars…
  • Micro swing trading is a great method of trading in that you have more control your risk terms of points of entry to stop loss. You can also get in on swings earlier and get out with more profits by going behind the scenes on the microlevel of a day bar swing.
  • Be able to start small and grow big
  • Take advantage of intra-weak trends


  • This is a video course that teaches you the strategy so you will only skill for life. It’s not software.
  • You will gain access to the course in your members area after your purchase.
  • You can trade this at any standard vanilla options broker.

For those of you who are starting small you’ll need to hold your positions overnight until you get past the pattern daytrading rule. It’s better to start small anyways and get good at trading the strategy. It’s better to start small and be able to grow your account because in that way you will learn how to trade a strategy better and become a master of it.


  • Performance is based on micro swing trading and 60 minute bars for only 2 months of time
  • The results below are based on the system rules.
  • Approximate options points look to factor in premium decay
  • You can see with the different contract position sizes

$697 Introductory Platform Price $97