JUUKE Options Micro Swing Trading Strategy

It’s Time to Get Your JUUKE On and Learn to Out Dance the Marketplace Sweeping in Slyly Before the Masses Then Taking Your Profits and Jostling Out of There with Wads of Cash

JUUKE offers you another creative strategic approach to trading swings on the micro level. The average move for last to three days all those some moves may extend longer but not that much longer. We look to hit a high probability trading set up  and grab our profits as quickly as possible.

We make use of an indicator giving us excellent clarity for entry and visual flow of the micro swing which gives us extra clarity on whether to stay with the move or not.  That said we have our your specific clear-cut method of profit taking letters excellently fitted to this JUUKE Options Micro Swing Trading Strategy.

JUUKE Options Micro Swing Trading Strategy is another most excellent strategy for giving us a high probability entry for the grabbing and stacking of profits.  You will definitely want to add this strategy to your arsenal.  The more strategies that are good that you have the higher and higher probability you’ll have for winning. Your confidence will increase. It will be a lot less likely to get sucked into boneheaded trades – and you know that’s worth a lot of money!


  • Have a solid dependable approach to micro swing trading which is the swing trading email bars or 30 minute bars or 120 minute bars or 240 minute bars…
  • Micro swing trading is a great method of trading in that you have more control your risk terms of points of entry to stop loss. You can also get in on swings earlier and get out with more profits by going behind the scenes on the microlevel of a day bar swing.
  • Be able to start small and grow big


  • This is a video course that teaches you the strategy so you will only skill for life. It’s not software.
  • You will gain access to the course in your members area after your purchase.
  • You can trade this at any standard vanilla options broker.

For those of you who are starting small you’ll need to hold your positions overnight until you get past the pattern daytrading rule. It’s better to start small anyways and get good at trading the strategy. It’s better to start small and be able to grow your account because in that way you will learn how to trade a strategy better and become a master of it.


  • 2.5 months systems perform sample on the 60 minute bars.
  • Uses short term options
  • Enters within and between the swing from the bars


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