JAAM Options Micro Swing Trading Strategy

High Powered High Precision Micro Swing Trading Strategy Gives You An Ultra Strong Method for Trading Quick Strike Options Opportunities for Short Term Options

Get This One Quick Before We Pull It from the Market!


  • 11 weeks system performance sample below trading 120 minute bars
  • Trades with short term options for cheaper options and higher deltas.   Micro swing trading – quick grab precise strike trading setups.
  • See 4 months performance sample below.
  • Understand that micro swing trading goes inside day bar price action usually to 60 minute or 120 min bars or other variant time bar to allow for potential better precision entry, more profit from a move and lest point risk per trade.
  • Hence with micro swing trading one can often be a bit more aggressive
  • It is a more active style vs. regular day trading
  • But combining micro swing trading strategies or combining micro swing trading with regular swing trading has the potential for some powerful results.