JAAKD Options Micro Swing Trading Strategy

Great Micro Swing Strategy for High Precision Swing Trading Particularly with Active Stocks


Check out the performance sample below.  You can see the power of this method on GOOGL (Google Stock or now called Alphabet Inc).  When you play a stock backing putting great news on consistent basis you’re going to get a lot of stock points.  A lot of stock points will end up giving you a lot of options points. Even though premiums may be higher on high flier stocks they will still start at a 50 delta go on up from there.  This means stock points equals options profit points!  Options profit points equal cash!

Imagine having a high percentage winning way to take out a nice chunk of profits with short term weekly options with high deltas and cheap prices.

Now if you’re able to have similar performance as the performance example below then that would be quite excellent, yes. You can’t guarantee future performance but this strategy wasn’t exceptional surprise. I don’t think that this pricing you see below Will last long. We regularly change prices and or simply remove assistant if it’s too good! So if you see it and like it, from us then get it!


  • Have a solid dependable approach to micro swing trading which is the swing trading email bars or 30 minute bars or 120 minute bars or 240 minute bars…
  • Micro swing trading is a great method of trading in that you have more control your risk terms of points of entry to stop loss. You can also get in on swings earlier and get out with more profits by going behind the scenes on the microlevel of a day bar swing.
  • Be able to start small and grow big


  • This is a video course that teaches you the strategy so you will only skill for life. It’s not software.
  • You will gain access to the course in your members area after your purchase.
  • You can trade this at any standard vanilla options broker.

For those of you who are starting small you’ll need to hold your positions overnight until you get past the pattern daytrading rule. It’s better to start small anyways and get good at trading the strategy. It’s better to start small and be able to grow your account because in that way you will learn how to trade a strategy better and become a master of it.


  • Performance is based on micro swing trading and 60 minute bars for only 1.5 months of time
  • Hence look how powerful the results are below!
  • Great precision strategy


25 Trades:  21 Wins  4 Losses  84% Winning in Systems Results Performance Example Below and In Only ~ 6 Weeks!


$1997  Introductory Price: $497