Micro Swing Trading with Options

Micro swing trading means that we go behind the scenes on price action in order to get better entries and better exits.

There is an “anomaly” a “loophole” in a sense when we look to trade 60 min bars, 120, 240 or sometimes 30 minute bars that offers us really excellent dependable trading offer with options.

The great thing is that with options micro swing Trading we can trade with options that have shorter times to expiration in order to get a better returns with cheaper options. Of course that’s going to depend on the exact style you are trading with micro swing trading, but the possibilities are absolutely huge.

Micro swing trading offers you the ability to get more out of a move. Day bars are kind of klutzy compared to micro swing bars. You can enter for more profit earlier into a swing. And you can exit with more profit and more precision in a swing.

You can trade more aggressively for short-term high probability explosive moves as well. So if you’re into making a lot of money fast then micro swing trading offers you a great opportunity to do so!

Micro Swing Trading Options Strategies & Systems