LOPR9 Swing Trading Credit Spreads Strategy for Weekly Options

Weekly options – what a great Invention!

Were  you around in options in the old days when we used to sit have to sit around the computer all day waiting to put our orders in at the right time?  Remember options and fractions?  

And remember the days before that where you had to call any sort of order in whatsoever?

Those were the “ good old days” – not!    technology and new open mind and just buy the options exchanges have granted us quit a present. There is a ton of opportunity for you to make money, keep it and grow it by shrewdly Trading weekly options now.

One of the key Core Concepts as they get the lines that approach right. That’s really a lot to the game and waiting and binary options. Most people try to do too much all at once. Or they want all of everything every single time, while  wanting 110% winning even,  which really is an emotional goose chase and technically a form of greed.

In order to profit being well not tripping over one self in weekly options you will need to know a few things. Some of these things aren’t so obvious and will take an experienced and savvy veteran to teach you.


Results for Swing Trading Credit Spreads Strategy LOPR9?

See these systems results performance samples below:

Starting in March 2016 to start of December 2016.  That’s roughly 37 weeks.  So we take the trade when triggered.  We’re not trying to cycle or force into a week.   If you were able to get a 1:1 reward to risk ratio i.e. put on a 2 point weekly options spread where you take in 1 point and margin up the other side:  So if the risk was $1000 then reward would be $1000 roughly.

We look to put momentum and premium decay on our side.  That’s the advantage of this system.

Plus we can get 70% to 200% returns potentially with each trade.

AND… if a trade doesn’t go in our favor we can often exit with close to break even or a partial loss depending on premium decay, bid ask spreads and which strikes you sell.


March 1 to December 31 2016

March 2016 AAPL wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwlwwww  20 Wins 1 Loss.  Yikes!  That’s 95% winning of taking all trades in a row.

So if you traded a 1 to 1  reward to risk credit spread with the ratio being $1000 to $1000 then the net profit here would be:  $19,000 fulling winning each trade..  For a return on account well that would depend on what you had in your account.  But as a return per risked per trade that’s 1900% return.  Talk to your broker on how to manage credit spreads and assignment issues.  Once you determine your risk and your plan to deal with trades in all positions before expiration.

$2000 reward to $2000 risk would have net out:  $38,000 Profit

$10,000 reward : $10,000 risk credit spreads =  $190,000 net profit in this case.

Why would you get Swing Trading Credit Spreads Strategy LOPR9?

  • Extra high probability cash flow!
  • Momentum plus premium decay in your favor is a nice feeling!
  • Take advantage of these ripe opportunities in weekly options in a more strategic ways vs. buying calls and puts (big premium drain) or selling naked options (huge margin requirement)
  • Use a small amount of cash to make cash flow, extra “paychecks” due to the credit spread risk to reward scenario and even better with 1 point and .50 strikes on many stocks!
  • If you’re sick of swimming upstream with premium decaying against you by buying options.
  • If you’re looking for large percent returns for little movement needed in the stock.



$1997 Introductory Price $497