GATLIN Powerful Precision Swing Trading Credit Spreads Options Systems

What if You Could Add an Extra $1700, $4400, $8800 Per Week Paycheck to  Your Income Trading 10 Minutes a Day?


GATLIN trades the day bars.  You can set contingent orders to automatically get you in and out via price trigger (or even via time trigger).  Therefore it takes 5 to 10 minutes a night if that even, when you have a trade.

  • GATLIN Credit Spreads Systems goes for expiration
  • At the same time we provide a trail stop mechanism for locking in profits.
  • We have a binary vanilla hybrid in play with the development of this system for powerful results with great accuracy systems results.
  • Very real possibilities
  • Make sure you understand the full picture on how credit spreads work from our Credit Spreads Swing Trading for Cash Flow Course




  • Powerful new credit spread system.  Results example below based on ATM credit spreads for roughly a 1:1 risk to reward ratio. System can be used on any stock.  Make sure you understand credit spreads and how assigment works with your broker before chosing a stock.