Credit Spreads Trading Can Be a Great Thing if You Do it Smartly!


Look. I’ll be the first to tell you that credit spreads are lame, at least the way most people have been selling them over time which is out of the money (with terrible risk to reward ratios) for the sake of ‘odds’.  Sure it sounded great at first.  “Free money”  “Win 90% of the time”.  Yet they tend to ‘forget’ to tell you what happens when you lose those lame OTM puny credit, credit spreads and how many of those puny credit, credit spreads it takes to just get back to break even.   Well it was too bad that became so popular.  Because now we need to fix the entire marketplace in options credit spreads selling.  So we will.  And here is how we start:

Introducing: Credit Spreads Swing Trading for Cash Flow Course

Have you ever thought of swing trading a credit spread?

Will tell you right now it’s a much better way to go. When you can buy momentum on purpose with a credit spread or a debit spread for that matter you give yourself a significant advantage.

The old popular way of selling out-of-the-money breads has been exposed. Terrible idea. Math is terrible. Ends up becoming a massive waste of time and money.  It’s seems smart at the time until you investigate a little further.

So we decided to fix this issue of credit spread selling.  We decided to get this done right and teach others how to do it in an actually Smart Way that can work.

Additionally there are many different types of ways of selling credit spreads. Overview those in this course.

We will also address risks and pitfalls that art talked about much but are very important to know.

The bottom line is there’s a lot of cash flow to be made with credit spreads and swing Trading.

Also we will show you new concepts of by crossing new binary options concepts with vanilla options credit spreads concepts for some very powerful results.  This can become a very profitable way of trading and get a great perspective on how to approach trading credit spreads to create great cash flow.