The Cure for Lame Covered Calls Trading..."

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Covered calls have been around for a long time but unfortunately we have been poorly presented to investors.

The concept of selling a cover call or making money off your stocks surely is and exciting one. The concept of a stock giving you a " rental income" sounds absolutely wonderful.

Unfortunately many " educators" got a little too excited about the concept and rushed forward with trading approaches, "strategy" approaches if you could even call them a strategy that were very mediocre and simply didn't work out for people. Those lame strategies ended up getting people into more trouble than what it was worth.

So with our understanding of many angles of trading we decided to do something about this dilemma and the world of covered calls selling. What we ended up doing is that we took the concept of covered call selling which is pretty lame as traditionally taught, and we fixed covered call selling so now selling covered calls can become something of great value, even a great cash flow income retirement.

How is this possible? Well one of the main things missing from cover call selling was the knowledge and understanding of when to sell the call and went to not sell the call. Another aspect that was missing from covered call selling was what strike to sell?

Other issues that we have solved:

  • Know when to sell a call exactly and when not to sell a call based on price action.
  • Know when to buy a stock for covered call selling and what type of stock to buy 4 greatest profitability over time.
  • Know what to do when your stock is in a downtrend. Understand what a downtrend is.
  • Know what to do when your stock is in an uptrend and understand what an uptrend is.
  • Learn how to make a lot more money when your stock is actually in a downtrend from selling calls and through other strategies we have.
  • Learn how to make a lot more money when your stock is in an uptrend versus just letting your stock ride the uptrend.
  • Learn not only how to make an extra monthly paycheck but learn how to make an extra weekly paycheck as well.
  • Learn not only how to make an extra weekly paycheck but how to make several extra weekly paychecks
  • Learn not only how to make extra weekly paychecks but potentially even daily paychecks from selling covered calls

There are two approaches to treating covered calls essentially: 1. Strategic 2. Systematic. And with this strategic approach you can combine several strategies at once so you could take advantage of optimized opportunities that present themselves at different times on price charts.

Ultimately we all should be growing a portfolio of stocks and systematically, strategically, methodically be selling calls against our stocks for retirement, cash flow and net worth building.
Because without approach it doesn't matter what the markets are doing whether they are going up or down, rocketing to new heights, crashing or just waffling around - the opportunity to potentially make great cash flow is there and you need to learn more about our approaches to selling covered calls.

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Covered Calls Swing Trading Courses

There is much more to covered call selling that what is traditionally taught.  Quite frankly, traditional covered calls selling is kinda lame. So we decided to fix them.  How?  We identified the deeper pitfalls, reversed them and then enhanced the whole covered call selling process.  The details of what we did can be found in our covered calls systems and strategies.  But in this course you can learn the new opportunities for turning covered calls selling into a cash flow juggernaut for even multiple monthly or weekly "paychecks".

Covered Calls Trading Systems

The Cure for Lame Covered Calls Trading..."

Learn how we "fixed covered calls" into a powerful cash flow retirement machine.

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