BUBL11 Swing Trading Covered Calls System

How to Turn Your Stock Holdings into a Cash Cow…

Most people have been taught about the cover calls option strategy as if it was a magic thing on its own. Fortunately those people had to learn the hard way. Cover tall is a pretty lame if you just kind of just went to sell the premium. It’s easy to cause yourself more loss while walking out profit in the stock and even getting your stock called away.

A smart thing to do is to learn how to swing trade your covered calls. This way you’ll know exactly when to sell had an awesome time. You can still further in the money in order to collect more premium which means you’re collecting more cash.

These days you can trade weekly options. You can weekly options covered calls for four times the cash flow versus the old days where you could only sell one covered call per month.

That said it all depends on the swing as they are available. Provides exact method of entry coordinating with the opportunity on the price chart. You don’t just want to sell a covered call for the sake of it you went to sell a covered call when an entry is available.

  • This is a video home study course that teaches you the system. It is not software
  • When you learn the system you gain a skill for life
  • BUBL11 Swing Trading Covered Calls System Can provide the ability to potentially generate solid cash flow income that can be compounded. Compounding gains in options trading can advance better quickly.