Covered Calls Swing Trading Course

Swing trading Covered Calls for Drastic Improvements to Covered Call Selling Setting the Basis for and Early Retirement with Lots of Cash Flow and Net Worth Building

this may sound like a novel concept but it’s not that. Actually the concept of Swing trading cover calls is critical to success and selling covered calls.

Look selling covered calls on their own is pretty lame. They have been wildly popular eyes over the past couple decades because Warren Buffett made a couple of billion dollars or so according to the stories selling covered calls.

Now when I say covered calls as a strategy is lame yes I mean it’s lame the way most people preach them and do them.   So I decided to fix covered calls and I’ve come up with some great  cover call systems and covered call strategies that can help you achieve potential Financial Freedom and a better retirement you ever thought possible.

The firstly you need to get the principle of selling covered calls well understood. So therefore I have created this course for you on swing trading cover called that will be critical for you.

  • Did you know if you started building a covered call portfolio now you could potentially be retired relatively soon?
  • For those of you who have cash on hand to invest you could potentially be retired in a couple weeks with our covered call systems and strategies Dash it’s a very real possibility
  • covered call option strategy is simply an options combination strategy. It is not a price based business strategy or system. It is not an overall strategy or business system.   These are the missing factors that many do not know about so therefore I’ve decided to teach people and develop systems and strategies to address these missing factors.
  • Apply specifically swing trading a cover, you’ll be able to make a lot more money.
  • By specifically swing trading to covered calls you will now and now when to sell a call and not sell a call
  • By learning how to swing trade covered calls you can also keep yourself out of a lot of trouble and avoid getting your stock called out a lot better
  • By Swing trading cover calls you will know when to go and collect more premium vs the trend.


In short this course will form the basis of a very powerful approach and one of the best ways now (after I fix covered calls) to trade the markets for a living, for cash flow and networth development.   In fact you can even get started with just a few hundred dollars and start to build your cover call portfolio which is highly suggested and very intelligent to do. From there you just need the education, the strategies and systems to get it done. That’s where we can help you.


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