Core SlingShot Method Based Options Systems

New:  Now  you can buy the system too so you can follow the system and signals.  More info



SlingShot3.0 Has Been Around for many years proving very solid.  This is a must have must run type of systems and an important add on to your trading arsenal.  More info



Very interesting new system that uses a modified strangle which means this is a “no lose” approach in that when we get our optimized swing explosion point for maximum price mileage we place and SS.SWINGSTRANGLE position on and let the markets do it’s thing.  When our bread and butter swing profit target it hit, we simple contingent order trigger out to close the position automatically.  It doesn’t matter if the stock goes up our down from our entry point because we have both sides covered.  We are using a strangle not a straddle and a modified strangle for that matter.  Very interesting systems.  Check out more info here.


SS.PINNACLEFX Forex Swing Trading System has been a surprising breakthrough Forex Trading System in coordination with the SlingShot options approach to swing Trading. Check out more information on this system which has shown to have really good accuracy and the ability to accumulate a lot of Pips. More Info.


SS.LIGHTNINGFX Forex Swing Trading system has taken a more rugged solid approach and is a great weapon in Your Arsenal for profiting in Forex. More info.


SS.NADEXSCORTCH provides a very powerful way to scalp trade NADEX binary options. With NADEX you can trade in and out of them like vanilla options but with the leverage and the expiration power of binary options. The potential is tremendous. Definitely check out this system if you’re interested in making a lot of cash flow. More info.


It’s about time most stock Traders start to rethink the way they are investing in the market. Buy hold and hope for the best largely is an irresponsible practice. If one starts to invest by using a system then one can treat their money any more professional business-like way. Check out how this simple swing trading system which takes less than an hour per week can give you the potential for far greater annual returns on your stocks. More Info


SS.B is a micro swing trading system for the purpose of providing cash grabbing opportunities on the micro swing level in which we use 60-minute bars.

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