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We put several products under one account and we will be adding more.  We have specific links that go to specific pages so you’ll need those links.

For our other higher ticket affiliate program (since Clickbank does not take high ticket items) you can use our main affiliate program.  Currently it has a 40% and 10% 2 tier.

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Also if you have suggestion for products to make that you know can score, email us and tell us.  We can make a lot of things happen.  And we hope to be able to help many of you as affiliates make a very nice additional income stream by promoting our products. So think in this way: use us to do all the product creation, customer managemnt and all the other hassles to help you make more money.  Let us know conversion elements you know to work that you think we should do.  Most products are a test and a tweak away from becoming home runs for you. So speak up and let us know.  You can always contact us from our contact form.   Thanks!  Now go tear it up.

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  • Commissions for most products are 40% Tier 1 and 10% Tier 2 through our amember software tracking platform which we found to be the most stable and reliable for affiliates after testing many affiliate softwares.   Clickbank products will have commissions as listed at Clickbank.  For signals affiliate commissions are usually 50% of the sale and 50% recurring of the sale.  We like to use Clickbank for signals.
  • With signals check to see the platform we are using.  As of this moment we are focused on using Clickbank due to ease of use for everyone involved, particularly affiliates.   So if using Clickbank make sure to check out our other Clickbank products so you can cross promote, upsell promote with the same cookie.
  • Great solid services designed to help people generate cash flow!  Join yourself and potentially compound your affiliate earnings.
  • Payouts:  as Clickbank Pays out
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