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Please Read So You Learn How to Be Successful In Auto Trading and With Our Signals

We now offer auto trading.  In doing so this significantly changes our SlingShot options offering to the public.   We are currently auto trading with the following firms:

NOTE:  This is an Old post but we are launching SlingShot3.0 and SlingShot4.0 Signals Due to Popular Demand.  The signals will be so simple that you won’t need auto trading.  But we may do auto trading later.  Signup in our Signals Newsletter Below:  by the time you see this we probably have launched.  (updated 1/31/17)

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Autotrading Providers

Autotrade Slingshot Options with Global AutoTrading Global AutoTrading specializes in autotrading equities and options, including fast moving instruments like spreads and other combinations. US & International traders are welcome. Global AutoTrading uses Interactive Brokers, thus commissions start from $1 per equity trade and $0.70 per option contract. If you have an existing account with IB, no need to open a new account! Please visit the Global AutoTrading web site for general information about the autotrading services offered, and visit the page for Slingshot Options subscribers for more information about autotrading Slingshot Options.
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We have now structured SlingShot so it's is more easily doable.  You can see the portfolio break down below.  Start with Portfolio A which is now much easier to manage.  You can focus better on performing well. But then again, these are all auto traded as well so it's pretty simple.

Winning:  Expect and average 65% to 75% winning percent.  You'll get streaks of 95% winning at times.  But you need to managed your expectations so you don't get emotional and do something dumb (as we all are susceptible).   You need to avoid the highs and the lows emotionally and just stay the course.  The system has the ability to net out over time as it has in the past although 'past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.'

That said we can't 'advise' you on your decision making or position sizing, but we personally wouldn't dare to take over 5% of our portfolio value for any one position

This isn't a 'pie in the sky' solution although it can be...  What do we mean by that?  If you enter into the markets, even with our trades, and the markets slow down and or get choppy you could stop out several times with small losses.  But remember small losses in options are not that small, although we reduce our risk dramatically by using contingent stop orders.  And at times the SlingShot Options system has been able to capture large and steady amounts of profits.  For a best probability picture of potential (but not guaranteed whatsoever) future results see the performance behavior of the system below.

You must be prepared, especially if you start auto trading right after big moves, big gains in the market to withstand stop loss stop out losses.  Please see the track record for historical performance tendencies.

If you are undercapitalized and are taking bigger than 5% options position sizes relative to your trading account you will likely find your self in trouble when the market gets choppy.  This is trading, options trading, you could lose all of your money that you invest or you could also possibly make a lot of money as well.  Don't invest with money you can't afford to risk.

Understand this, big moves will often come as a 'surprise'.  They are not a surprise to us because we know what we are doing.  But the big moves will come as an 'emotional surprise' and 99% of traders are locked into the markets emotionally  (which is why 99% of traders lose).  So the point is - get in the game and STAY in the game. Stay committed to the plan and I am confident to say that you stand a very good probability of enjoying tremendous potential success over time with SlingShot Options.

Now, because it's important I want to reiterate ONE MORE TIME.  This is a long term solution not a quick fix.  If you are excited now about joining because we, or the markets just scored some big moves and you missed out you are likely entering into a slow period and you will be emotionally disappointed at first.  We are warning you now not to succumb to those weak, loser emotions.  Trading is not about winning and losing, it's about MAKING MONEY.  All we care about here is making money. The only way to do this is to stick to the BUSINESS PLAN - the SlingShot Options trading system.


Our Auto Trading Program

Here is a chart of approximate options values for amounts needed to cover the bare minimum to participate in all trades with Autotrading. These are estimated option price values at the time of this typing which will change over time so the amount required to trade the entire portfolio will vary according to distance of stock from the strike price, larger stock prices and bigger volatility in the above mentioned stocks.

Auto Trading SlingShot Options Available On the Following Brokers (if you don't see your broker here join one below or contact your broker and tell them to contact us to add us to their autotrading list:

To get started:  First subscribe to SlingShot Options.  Then open an account with an auto trading broker.  Tell them to add SlingShot options to  your account for auto trading with 5% max risk per position of your trading account value. That's it!

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