About – What is “SlingShot Options”?

The name “SlingShot Options” took a type of Swing Trading, yes just one style of Swing trading and applied it to options many many years back. This was an ideal method Of Swing trading options because they move tended to trigger into a swing trade that could move far and fast.

Since we were buying options the faster you could get a swing to go with options the better. So therefore we could make more money while having to endure less premium decay. Also this allowed us to play shorter-term indoor even a bit in the money options for big chunk cash grabs.

Also the method of what we call “slingshot” (and we’ve seen other uses of this word “slingshot” floating around on the internet but we have our own version of the word), is a reverse engineer of a desired end result that we wanted to achieve and trading. So therefore our version of the term maybe diff then others that you see out and about.

Our “ideal result” that we wanted was a high probability swing trade setup meaning that it won with a very good and solid frequency, that also move fast and far, with good velocity, so we can make money more quickly and more often. That is the desired end result and that’s what we went for. So out of this desired end result we reversed engineered a strategic approach of identifying potential opportunity off of a price chart.

Not too long after we realized that this SlingShot approach could be used with other styles and time frames in addition to other instruments for trading! So we started developing other systems. You can check out many of those systems right here on SlingShotOptions.com

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