is a center for High Velocity Options Swing Trading. We have expanded this site into incorporating high velocity options swing trading from several angles.

We Teach a Highly Focused Style of "High Velocity Swing Trading" which Means we Look to Identify Trading Opportunities from Price Charts that Tend to Move Far and Fast on Average.  Speed of Swing + High Probability Winning is the Core End Desired Result Objective for All the Swing Trading Systems, Strategies and Courses on This Site...

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Need Some Direction Where to Start?

  1. If you're a beginner or intermediate you will certainly want to understand how the markets work and how trading works.  Most who fail, fail because they don't understand how price moves or why and they don't understand the proper pacing, positioning and position sizing needed in the markets.   Get educated through our trading courses here.  (And we have more courses on our other websites)
  2. If you are looking to trade for a living or start your own trading business then most certainly  you need a solid trading system.  A system is an exact plan that removes real time thinking and guessing which is usually always bad in trading. You can spend a long time and a lot of money trying to figure it out on your own or you can save a lot of money and time by simply buying one of our trading systems.   You can access our trading systems easiest from the drop down menu above or our products page.

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    SlingShot7.0 Trading System and Signals Launch!

    We've recently reformatted SlingShot7.0 to incorporate some sweet new discoveries. You don't want to miss this system! You can purchase this one. And it has a trading signals service based on the system. Check out more below...

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    Yes. We Have 2 NADEX Swing Trading Systems for Swing Trading NADEX Weekly Binaries for Potentially REALLY Good Returns!

Why Do Swing Trading?

  • Because swing trading allows you to make cash flow right away and build net worth at the same time!
  • Swing trading allows you to trade for a potential very good living in 2 to 10 minutes a night where you see your signal, adjust your order.
  • A good swing trading system (which we have many) gives you the "business operations manual" for a business that is arguably 100x better than a bricks an mortar franchise.
  • With Swing trading you can create time and obtain financial freedom.  If you get your swing trading business to a point where it brings in plenty of steady cash flow and your "job" or your "business" takes only 5 minutes a night, you're going to have a lot more a. free time b. cash flow to go do what you want and feel you need to do!


We now cover option swing trading for covered calls, option swing trading for credit spreads, micro options swing trading, naked options swing trading, binary options swing Trading...

We have several swing trading courses and options courses for you to learn a tremendous amount about options and how to win in trading options.

We also have options signals based off of our options swing trading strategies and systems.

Explore this site and join our newsletter. You can contact us with questions as well. We have other websites with lots of other trading systems and strategies as well as courses and likely can help you find a solution towards the direction you want to go and goals you want to accomplish in trading.

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